What do you get?

3 amazing horses to choose from

Race winnings (equal to your share)

Horse Sale profits (equal to your share)

Regular yard visits

Tickets to races (ticket numbers dependant to share value)

Discounted friends and family tickets

One social event a year

Welcome pack to include share certificate, photo's of your horse, syndicate pen and racing badge

Monthly newsletter and horse updates.

Opportunity to buy syndicate merchandise

The horses



Age: 4

Dam: Dance Quest

Sire: Austrailia

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Heailng Power

Healing Power

Age: 6

Dam: Loch Ma Naire

Sire: Kodiac

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Crazy Crackers

Age: 2

Dam: Roanne

Sire: Cracksman

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About Us

Our vision is to introduce horse enthusiasts into the exciting world of horse racing. Each of our horses will be made up of no more than 10 shares.

We promise to provide a cost effective and simple way to becoming a race horse owner. Allowing individuals to fulfil their dreams and receive the same benefits as a sole owner.

Luck of the draw syndicate is a family, all of whom love a day at the races.

Race horse ownership

Syndicate Packages

Share and Lease options require a minimum 6 months commitment with 30 days notice in writing after that to withdraw.


£150.00 join up fee and £30.00 per month 0.5% share


£250.00 join up fee and £80.00 per month 2% share.


£500.00 join up fee and £100.00 per month 3% share


£750.00 join up fee and £150.00 per month 5% share

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Lease Options

(No upfront costs / prices per month)









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What is the difference between racing clubs & horse racing syndicate?

A racing syndicate differs from a racing club in that you share ownership of the horse with the other members of the group in a racing syndicate.

The horse in a Racing Club is owned by the club. Racing clubs frequently have hundreds of members, while syndicates typically have up to 20 members. Members of a racing club have no ownership rights.

Are horse racing syndicates expensive?

Horse racing syndicates are frequently less expensive than purchasing a horse outright.

This is due to the fact that you will not be responsible for the horse’s complete upkeep. You will only ever take on a share of the ownership of your horse, whether it is one year old or several years old when you buy a share.

This means that, in addition to spreading the cost among several enthusiasts, you will also receive a share of prize money to the value of your shares.

How much does it cost to have racehorse in training?

A year’s training fee is roughly £24,000 all included, although the exact figure will depend on many factors including how many times a season the horse races, where they run and how healthy they are. The training and purchase costs of the horse are subject to VAT and as long as your horse is sponsored you are able to claim VAT back. The Racehorse Owners Association have a very good sponsorship programme which enable you to do this easily.

How much notice will I get that my horse is running?

Our syndicate manager will keep you fully informed as to when your horse is likely to run, race entries are on the whole made five days before the race and horses are declared two days before the race. So, you will get plenty of time to make arrangements for your race day – which of course we will help you with travel.

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